Auto Sync

Auto Sync from Saral App to Saral backend

Saral App is used in the field to collect data, but the challenge is in few remote places there is no internet connectivity all the time. So once useres login to Saral App, scanned data is initially stored in mobile local storage. Users can manually sync data to Saral backend by clicking on the Save All Scans button. Auto Sync feature polls data in local storage at a frequency and pushes it to the backend.

This feature is available from v1.0.0-beta.5 release and above.

Auto Sync can be controlled by following configuration:

autoSynch - boolean
autoSynchFrequency - integer
autoSyncBatchSize - integer

autoSynch is a boolean property in /schools/login API response. if it's set to true then Auto Sync process will be enabled.

autoSynchFrequency is frequency at which auto-synch to be executed.

autoSyncBatchSize is batch size for auto-sync functionality. Auto-sync triggers based on number of records available in local storage. if its minimum of autoSyncBatchSize and other configuration matches, auto sync to backend will be triggered in mobile app. Default value if not set is 10.

/schools/login API response with autoSynch and autoSynchFrequency configuration reference.

"school" : {
    "storeTrainingData" : true,
    "name" : "Dummy school 4",
    "schoolId" : "u002",
    "state" : "up",
    "autoSynch" : true,
    "autoSynchFrequency" : 9000,
    "autoSyncBatchSize": 20

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