Improved Low light Performance - Manual Edit

Manual Entry of data from Saral App to Saral backend

Saral App is used in the field to collect data, but the challenge is in few places where there is low lighting or layout format challenge causing difficulty to scan layout. So once user login to Saral App, and isManualEditEnabled flag is set, Scanning Layout for a duration more than the set time defined by scanTimeoutMs shows a popup\

"Do you want to continue with manual edit screen ?". On clicking yes user can enter/edit data manually.\

This feature is available from v1.5.9 release and above.

Manual Edit option can be controlled by following configuration:

isManualEditEnabled - boolean
scanTimeoutMs - integer

isManualEditEnabled is a boolean property in /schools/login API response. if it's set to true then Manual Edit process will be enabled. scanTimeoutMs is an integer property in /schools/login API response. It specifies the scanning timeout.\

/schools/login API response with isManualEditEnabled and scanTimeoutMs configuration reference.

"school" : {
    "storeTrainingData" : true,
    "name" : "Dummy school 4",
    "schoolId" : "u002",
    "state" : "up",
    "autoSynch" : true,
    "autoSynchFrequency" : 9000,
    "autoSyncBatchSize": 20,
    "isManualEditEnabled": true,
    "scanTimeoutMs": 60000

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