Post install steps

Once the entire Infrastructure is setup

We need to update the application with the "document db hostname", "username", "password" and the "ssl certificate arn".

  1. Go to the following folder "Saral-Automation/Saral-EKS/helm/saral-backend-chart/"

  2. Fill the value.yml file with the following details

a. under docdb->connections-> fill documentdb username, documentdb password, documentdb hostname
b. under whitelist->domain-> fill in your domain/subdomain 
c. under ingress->certificateARN-> fill the certificate arn that you will get from AWS certificate manager

Once you have updated the values in the value.yml file, use the following command to deploy the chart

Open the helm folder in a terminal window and run the following

Below command will deploy the application to your Kubernetes cluster using the values you have specified in the values.yml file

helm install saral-backend ./saral-backend-chart

Verify the deployment by checking the status of the pods.

kubectl get pods

You should see the pods associated with your deployment running successfully

To uninstall the saral-backend deployment using Helm, execute the following command

helm uninstall saral-backend

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