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Update BASE_URL,apkURL in APK

From unix/mac terminal open apk attached with release in vi editor and update BASE_URL using below steps.
1) Download APK file from release notes Assets section into <target_folder>. For example for v1.5.0 release download apk from https://github.com/Sunbird-Saral/Project-Saral/releases/download/v1.5.0/saral-app-unsigned-v1.5.0.apk
2) Open Terminal or shell in <target_folder> and use below vi command to open apk in vi editor.
vi saral-app-unsigned-v1.5.x.apk
3) Press Esc key and type /index.android.bundle and presss Enter key to locate assets/index.android.bundle file and press Enter key. This will open up the file for editing.
4) Search for TO_BE_REPLACED string and replace it with target BASE_URL. For example `https://saral-statename.anuvaad.org`
5) Press Esc key and enter :wq to save and go to file list the vi editor. Press Esc key and enter :q to quit the vi editor.
6) APK file should be updated with target BASE_URL with above steps.
7) Search for apkURL and change the value to actual Playstore URL based on the implementation.