Manual Installation for Prod


1> AWS IAM account with administrator access

2> Ubuntu 20.04LTS on Local Machine

3> Download the following zip file and extract to folder

Open the location of the above folder in terminal

And in the open terminal window execute the commands one by one in the "Saral-Prod-manual-install-steps.txt" file to provision the EKS Infra required to install Saral

In the same terminal run the following commands to install the Saral application on the EKS cluster

kubectl apply -f saral_backend_EKS.yml

Go to the Certificate manager in the AWS console

And generate a SSL certificate for the domain/subdomain to be used with the saral app

Once the certificate is generated and the status shows as issued copy the arn of the certificate and find the file "ing.yml" in the folder and update and save the value for the certificate arn in it.

Run the following command to activate the load balancer and the ingress object

kubectl apply -f ing.yml

Once the above commands are run wait 10-15 minutes for the Load balancer and ingress object to be provisioned

then run

kubectl get ing

From the output of the above command find the value under the address column and copy it, use it to map to domain/subdomain using the CNAME option in your DNS manger.

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