Automating the Infra provisioning and install of the Saral application


Sunbird Saral attempts to create a connection between the information that exists in the physical world and ties it to digital structured information.

Saral literally means simplicity, has been conceptualized to enable users to create structured digital information using mobile devices. The process is also called Saralify or Phygitization. Saral should be viewed as an OCR-plus application that is capable of doing OCR and can also understand the structure of the physical input.

Saral v1.x works as an edge location solution to phygitize data on physical layout printed sheets and upload the data to the backend. This backend data will be then pushed to CQube (Analytics system) for insights and take actions accordingly.

Saral SDK is the core Phygitization component interfaced with Saral Layout Specification. Saral v1.x App is a reference Android App built on Saral SDK

Saral SDK can be used to build custom Android applications with OCR capabilities(OMR, Handwritten Digit recognition). Refer Application Architecture for more details about Saral SDK

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