Minimal Mode

For non-academic use-cases, there will be no fixed participants like students and hierarchy like class,section etc. So minimal mode is to address these non-academic use-cases where a layout roi can be selected by user,scanned and push the scanned data to backend.

/schools/login API reponse has flag isMinimalMode to enable minimal mode by default for given organization or school. Refer below sample response for /schools/login API for reference.

    "school": {
        "storeTrainingData": true,
        "name": "Dummy school 3",
        "schoolId": "demouser",
        "state": "gujrat",
        "autoSync": false,
        "autoSyncFrequency": 600000,
        "tags": false,
        "isMinimalMode": true

From v1.5.6 release and above, a switch option is added to switch between Regular and Minimal mode.

For minimal mode , classsId and sectionId will be defaulted to 0.Backend data can be differentiated using these field values.

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