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Multi-Page support

Saral App supports multi-page layouts from v1.5.0 release. Layout specification supports adding pages element to input number of pages configured for given layout and assign page at each cell level. if a page element is not present in a cell , cell is applicable for all the pages. This support is added to SaraSDK.
Example below shows layout with 3 pages where each question cells assigned with page number.
"layout": {
"version": "1.0",
"name": "ANY1S15QMULTIPAGE Exam Sheet Form",
"pages": "3",
"cells": [
"cellId": "2",
"page": "1",
"rois": [
"annotationTags": "QUESTION1_0",
"extractionMethod": "CELL_OMR",
"roiId": "8",
"index": 0,
"rect": {
"top": 165,
"left": 275,
"bottom": 194,
"right": 300