Saral Quick Guide

  • Is SARAL for you? - Discuss more here

Getting Started

  • What kind of team will you need? - Refer

  • What kind of hardware you need to run SARAL smoothly?

    • Saral backend Production deployment - Refer

    • Saral backend local/dev setup - Refer

  • What are the prerequisites for installation?

Use Saral

  • How to setup the frontend (app) - Refer

  • How to set up the backend

    • local/development setup - Refer

    • Production deployment - Refer

  • What is training the app, why is it necessary, what you get out of the box wrt training, how to train the app more?

    • SARAL uses ML model to detect digits/ alpha-numeric characters, so in order to get better accuracy in detection, training of the model is required. Steps to train Refer

  • How to conduct a pilot for SARAL - KGBV assessments Refer

  • How to conduct QA testing on SARAL - Refer

  • Performance benchmarking of SARAL(production setup) - Refer

  • How to conduct a full-scale rollout of SARAL for my use case - NAT assessment case study in UP Refer

How to Enhance Saral

  • What all aspects of the app are configurable - Refer

  • How to create & add a new form in SARAL for assessments?

    • To create new form layout you can use this tool. Refer

    • After form layout is created take a pdf printout and follow this doc to generate ROI Refer

  • How to make customizations in the app and still be able to get SARAL upgrades? A front end developer with React native skills should be able to customize and upgrade refering this documentation

Monitor SARAL

  • How can I monitor the health of my instance - Refer

  • How can I track the usage of the instance ( telemetry)? Through play console & firebase

Support & contribute

  • How can I seek support for SARAL? Through github discussion forum Link

  • How can I suggest improvements for SARAL? Through github discussion forum Link

Want to experience Saral?

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