Firebase setup for Saral App Telemetry

Firebase setup for Saral App Telemetry

Setup react native side

Some libraries have to be installed to add firebase Google Analytics and firebase Google Crashlytics in react native

npm i @react-native-firebase/app
npm i @react-native-firebase/analytics
npm i @react-native-firebase/crashlytics

Add In your module (app-level) Gradle file under dependencies

implementation ""
implementation ""
implementation ''
implementation (''){
transitive = true}

On the top of (app-level) Gradle file add this line

apply plugin: ''
apply plugin: ''
apply plugin: ''

Add In your root-level (project-level) Gradle file under dependencies

classpath ""
classpath ''

Add In your frontend/SaralApp/android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

< meta-data android:name="firebase_analytics_collection_enabled" android:value="true" />

< meta-data android:name="firebase_crashlytics_collection_enabled" android:value="true" />

firebase console

Add google-service.json under android/app

Firebase Analytics Run time configuration

For enable or disable at run time environment firebase_analytics_collection_enabled in App.js file frontend/SaralApp/App.js

You need to add flag isFBAnalyticsEnabled in login api


Response from api

"school": { "storeTrainingData": true, "name": "Dummy school 4", "schoolId": "u002", "state": "up", "district": "district1", "autoSync": true, "autoSyncFrequency": 900000, "tags": true, "autoSyncBatchSize": 10, "offlineMode": true, "isAppForceUpdateEnabled": false, "isFBAnalyticsEnabled": true, "userId": "u002" }

Add in code useEffect(async()=>{ let hasFBAnalytics = await getLoginData();

const hasFBAnalyticsValue = &&
if(hasFBAnalyticsValue != null){
if (__DEV__) {
  crashlytics().setCrashlyticsCollectionEnabled(hasFBAnalyticsValue);}  else{

DEV variable. By default if you run your app with npx react-native run-android, it will run in Debug mode and DEV will be true. In release mode, DEV will be false. Here hasFBAnalyticsValue is the flag which will come from backend as boolean. If mobile is not connected with internet then data will not pushed to the firebase

After adding all dependencie rebuild the app using npx react-native run-android

Firebase Pricing plans

Get started at no cost,then pay as you go. Firebase service will be free of cost for some time but after some time events triggered it will be chargeable Here is the link for know all plans pricing plans

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