Improve Processing Speed for big layouts

Saral App supports layouts with more data fields to be processed in chunks to enhance processing speed from v1.7.0 release. Layout specification supports adding chunkSendData element to true/false to indicate if layout need to be processed in chunks.This support is added to SaraSDK.

Example below shows roi of vertically scannable layout where verticalScanLayout is set to true.

"layout": {
      "version": "1.0",
      "name": "AdmissionFrom",
      "pages": "2",
      "threshold": {
          "experimentalOMRDetection": false,
          "minWidth": 0,
          "minHeight": 0,
          "detectionRadius": 12,
          "verticalScanLayout": true,
          "chunkSendData": true
      "cells": [
              "cellId": "1",
              "page": "1",
              "rois": [
                      "annotationTags": "ADDMISSIONNUMBER_1",
                      "extractionMethod": "NUMERIC_CLASSIFICATION",
                      "roiId": "1",
                      "index": 0,
                      "rect": {
                          "top": 108,
                          "left": 217,
                          "bottom": 116,
                          "right": 229

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